TÄVLING på min Facebook – Borntohunt-Alexandra Hellström



I’m a proud ambassador for Browning Europe and will have this competition with them.

There will be 3 winners. To compete you have to
1. Like Browning Europe & Borntohunt- Alexandra Hellström
2.Tag three friends that you also think should compete.
3.Answer the question- Which is your favorite Browning rifle?

… Bonus if you also follow my instagram @Born2hunt_alexandrahellstrom and Browning_Europe

Good luck and please share the competition with your friends 🙂

Winners will be announced on 2018-03-25

You can check the prices here
1 – http://browning.eu/…/out…/clothes/O-PK-XPO%20ATACS%20AU.html
2. http://browning.eu/…/…/clothes/O-JK-HC%202%20ATACS%20AU.html
3. http://browning.eu/pr…/outdoor/accessories/O-KV-3220352.html

BEST OF LUCK EVERYONE / Alexandra Hellström and Browning Europe

OBS – Det går endast att delta via Facebook.