Sika hunt Ireland 2017

Sika hunting in Ireland. A dream come true. On the last morning and hunting day I finally got my beautiful sika stag. Browning X-Bolt composite in 30.06 did a great job and dropped him on the spot at 267 meters using viperflex shootingstick. A old stag with one broken antler. A special trophy.
A exciting hunt and a lot of emotion. I had to calm my nerves and focus before the shoot, lots of sikafever!

Sika is special animals too hunt, really shy and gives you a real hunting challenge.They like the hills and thick woods.Not easy to get close too them and they move mostly in early morning or in the last light in the afternoon/evening. The stags are also very dark in colour compared to the females, so they can be hard to spot when it’s getting dark. Sika deer reminds me a lot of Red deer but they are a lot smaller in body size and antlers. But they can mix with Red deer.

I’m so happy and grateful that I got a stag. Thanks to my guide Norman Mulvany at Irishsafaris for a unforgetable experience! The stag will be a gorgeous shouldermount and a great memory.

…Also a big thanks too Rainsford Hunting!
I booked the trip through Rainsford Hunting , who let you get into direct contact with the outfitter. Easy and perfect way too book a hunt. Great way to ask questions straight to the outfitter before the hunt. Check their website, and find more than 500 hunting offers worldwide.


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