Repost from Browning Europe blog – “It’s a way of life” – Alexandra Hellström

Text from Browning Europe blog- by Daniel Beardsmore posted december 7,2015. 


We welcome a new Browning Outdoor Ambassador to our ever-growing family: Scandinavian born huntress, Alexandra Hellström, 23 years old.

For me, hunting is everything. Not just a hobby. It’s a way of life.

My name is Alexandra Hellström, I am 23 years old and from Sweden. I have been born and raised with hunting and it has been the most part of my life. I live in the countryside and there we have our own game farm with Fallow deer and European Mouflon. The animals there are hunted through selective management to produce great animals and I spend a lot of time working with them. I love to travel around the globe hunting as well as hunting in the Swedish woods. I have been hunting in Scotland, Hungary, South Africa and Namibia.


When I don’t hunt I am writing about hunting on my personal blog and for hunting magazines. I am also a keen photographer and  I love to take photos of nature and wildlife. My passion is to learn more about different hunting traditions, to inspire more women to get involved and to hunt in more places around the world!


What’s your most memorable hunt to date?

My most memorable hunt has to be my first hunting trip abroad – South Africa back in 2011 . It was a huge boost in confidence for my hunting career to try something that was so different from the traditions of hunting at home. I learnt a lot when it came to shooting, the wildlife management undertaken there that I could adapt into managing my own Fallow deer and European Mouflon and also how I could become a better hunting guide. That trip taught me many things which have made me into a more understanding, better huntress today.

What can we expect going forward?

First up in 2016, I travel to Spain in search of the illustrious Beceite Ibex. My future plans are to travel around the world for hunting. I want to experience more hunting cultures, hunt new species and learn much more about them. With a strong passion for wildlife management, I’d like to learn more and see the differences in conservation across the globe. I also want to write more about hunting and wildlife.

Through my own hunting experiences I want to encourage and inspire other women. I want to show that hunting girls ‘can’ and ‘want’ to have the same place in the forest!

Why the X-Bolt?

When buying my first hunting rifle back in 2011, I wanted an all-round rifle, suitable for hunting in Sweden and abroad, for hunting wild game and culIing on my own game farm.

I tried many different rifles but the Browning X-bolt Composite felt like the perfect match. I took the 30.06 calibre because it too is an all-round calibre, perfect for many different hunting trips and game. I find Browning rifles are accurate, simple in function, with a good safety switch. The X-Bolt is really lightweight, which is ideal for my type of hunting and for female huntresses.


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